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My current addiction
Sam 1

Ok, so I haven't updated my journal in ages and I figured it was time to fix that. There's been a ton of things going on for me in the last month, but since none of it is fun to hear about I'll skip all that mess. I just feel the need to share my newest obsession with you all.
I have discovered the music of 3 wonderful guys. They are all mega-talented  and I want to pass the word to as many people as I can.  Now I know that their music is not going to be to everyone's tastes, but if I can get even one person as hooked as I am, I've done my part! Here is the info for each of them.

Sam Bradley is my current fav and is always playing on my iPod! My favorite songs of his are Too Far Gone and Scared, but only the first is on his myspace playlist. Scared is only available on a youtube video. His voice is just amazing and so soothing to me. He is also a very talented songwriter. I look forward to hearing more from him in the future.  Here's the link to his myspace page:   Enjoy!!!

Next is Bobby Long. He is also a talented singer and songwriter. Fav songs from him are Being a Mockingbird and So Tear Me Up. Just love him! Again here is the myspace link

And last is Marcus Foster. He has a unique voice that I just love . Fav songs are I Don't Mind and Crooked Sky which he sings with Bobby. Here is his myspace link

I am so excited by the news that these three are planning to tour the states together this summer. I am so gonna be there if they come within 6 hours of me. I'd drive that far to hear any one of them, but all 3 together is a treat not to be missed I'm sure. I really hope they all get some music out to buy soon. I feel so guilty that I have downloaded their music off their myspace pages and from various youtube vids, which is hardly legal. I just had to have them on my iPod and I am justifying it because I know I will buy whatever they put out......whenever that is!!


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