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ajpayne75's Journal

1 May 1975
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I wasn't gonna do this, but I guess it needs to be done. *sigh*

I'm 33 years old and a divorced mother of 2 boys. I'm currently located in North Carolina but would love to relocate to Virginia the first chance I get. When my boys,who are 13 and 11, aren't occupying my time, I work as a Postal clerk. I love my job, but am worried since they are talking about major layoffs right now. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to be laid-off from the Post Office.

I love movies, reading, board games,and am an internet junkie. My boys tell me all the time that I would live in front of my computer if I could get away with it. Boy are they right about that! lol! I have been here at LJ for a while but have just recently decided to actively use it.